FAQs Regarding Our Heating and Cooling Service and Other Services

What does HVAC mean?

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

What regular maintenance do heating and air conditioning systems need?

The most important part of HVAC maintenance aspect is maintaining unrestricted air flows. Dust, dirt, and debris are an HVAC system’s worst enemies. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor unit, you must keep all filters clean and heat exchangers and coils free of restrictions.

We recommend that your heating and cooling system be checked and serviced TWICE a year! Ideal are a spring and fall tune-up. Also we recommend that you change your filter regularly, depending on the type of filter you have. This alone can eliminate many of the most common problems that can cause a failure in your HVAC system.

How often should I replace my filters?

We recommend that you replace your disposable filters at least once a month. If you have washable filters, they should be cleaned once a month. Some high efficiency filters i.e., 4" or thicker can be changed quarterly. Call us today if you have any questions regarding your particular system.

How do I know if my system is working properly?

Is it making strange noises? Is it cooling or heating all areas of your home sufficiently? Has it been taking longer to cool down or heat back up? Have your utility bills been rising for no apparent reason? Any of these are signs that you may have a problem that needs service. In most cases, the longer you delay, the worse any underlying problems will get. Be sure to contact Burke's to check out your system's overall operation whenever you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Is there anything I should check prior to calling for service?

Be sure that the air conditioner or furnace is turned on. Check that the breakers and the disconnects are turned on and be sure the thermostat is set correctly. If your thermostat has batteries, make sure they aren't dead. Make a note of any strange noises or smells. Lastly give Burke's a call for fast affordable reliable service.

How important is it to get the right size of heating and cooling equipment?

Sizing HVAC equipment is very important from the standpoints of both home comfort and energy use. Heating and cooling equipment that are over-sized will not run as frequently or as long. In both cases, this may mean poor humidity control with heating or cooling. It could also result in temperature variations or noticeable recurrent cycling. Over-capacity equipment will not be as energy efficient as properly matched capacity either. On the other hand, equipment that is under-sized, will obviously result in loss of comfort during temperature extremes.

How do I know whether my heating and cooling equipment needs replacement or just repair?

This is not a one word answer but take these things into consideration:
1. The age of the current system. Today, any system that is more than 15 years old is probably behind the times in terms of efficiency.
2. Does your current system provide the level of comfort that you want?
3. There is a growing difference between “builder grade models” and consumer choice in what a system can offer in terms of your comfort and monthly utility expenses.
4. How much will the repairs cost when your system fails and how many more repairs will you need in the future?
5. Is keeping an older system operational worth the time, the money and the inconvenience? Or is it smarter to use that money for a new system that starts paying for itself right after installation?

How much does a new replacement system cost?

Due to the many different makes, models and customer needs, price is an issue that can only be solved by doing a thorough evaluation of your home and existing equipment. At Burke's, there is never a charge for an in-house replacement proposal. Call us today!

Why is it important to choose a reliable company?

Many companies in this industry don’t necessarily express the need to be there for their customers after installation or service of a heating and cooling system. But a honest reliable company, such as Burke's Climate Control will stand behind its work for years to come. Another reason is our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our service or installation we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right! Remember, you are spending your hard earned money on repairs or replacement of equipment. The last thing you have to worry about is if it was done right! We encourage consumers to research a company’s background, ask a friend or neighbor, or inquire on recent work that they have done. We look forward to serving you and proving that we are YOUR go to company for all your Heating & HVAC needs!

Got more questions?

We are always a phone call away, or visit our contact page and shoot us an email.